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Meet your new online Pilates class instructor

Join over 100,000 individuals who already know Johanna

Meet Johanna McCormick

Meet Johanna, an experienced Pilates instructor with a bubbly personality and passion for transforming lives through her practice.


Despite not being athletically inclined in her younger years, Johanna discovered Pilates in 2003 and has dedicated herself to mastering the art ever since.


With 10+ years of Pilates instructing and coaching under her belt, Johanna aims to leave her clients in a stronger physical and emotional place than when they began. 

There's a reason over 100,000 Pilates enthusiasts already follow Johanna Pilates on social media!


Learn more about my story here.

Online Pilates Course Instructor

"Start feeling healthier, happier, and more confident. Start your pilates journey from the comfort of your home with my online courses." -Johanna

How can online Pilates classes improve my health?

Reformer Pilates

Not limited to the core, Pilates exercises can strengthen the whole body, including major muscle groups like glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Strengthens Muscles

Read what my clients are saying:


Carolyn A.

Johanna is an AMAZING Pilates instructor!  She teaches good form and technique while offering challenging classes, with a great playlist!  


I have taken Pilates with Johanna for years and improved my balance, flexibility, and strength. No two classes are ever the same and she inspires me through movement.


She cares about her clients and can teach all levels and ages, including my adult children. I highly recommend Johanna Pilates. 

Karen S.

Johanna teaches Pilates, but her classes are so much more!


Basic to complex,  nuanced, fun, challenging , just a tad crazy & choreographed with fabulous music ❣️.


She encourages, praises, makes you believe you can do it, the vibe is amazing & accepting. “ Looking good , feeling good “is her mantra.


And with Johanna I do😊❤️

Renee R.

Johanna - the ever present, inspiring, fun, and supportive pilates instructor. Yes, the mold has been broken! 


She is someone special who takes genuine interest in all of her students, encouraging them to be their best. She has an intuitive knack, watching her students and knowing when, where, and how to make them shine and feel wonderful about themselves- I look forward to taking her class, knowing her motto, ‘looking good, feeling good’ is my mantra for the week! 

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