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See what clients are saying about Johanna Pilates

Johanna teaches Pilates, but her classes are so much more! Basic to complex,  nuanced, fun, challenging , just a tad crazy & choreographed with fabulous music ❣️. She encourages, praises, makes you believe you can do it, the vibe is amazing & accepting. “ Looking good , feeling good “is her mantra. And with Johanna I do😊❤️

Karen S.

Thanks for sharing your experiences

I am profoundly thankful to each and every one of my wonderful clients for investing their time in sharing their experiences!

Receiving encouraging reviews from my clients motivates me endlessly to refine my Pilates practice and strengthens my dedication to assisting others in discovering the benefits of exercise and intentional movement.

My love and motivation for practicing Pilates comes from knowing it's helping and benefiting my clients in profound ways! If there's a testimonial you'd love to contribute, kindly use the button below to access my contact page form. I'd love to hear from you!

Pilates Instructor
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